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Will I need planning permission for my gate?
If you’re replacing an existing gate, planning permission may not be required. However, if it’s a new installation, we always recommend seeking guidance from your local planning authority. We can help with that process, if necessary.


Typically, how long can an installation take?
On average, from the initial order to completing the job, a full installation would normally take four to six weeks.


How much disruption will be caused?
During most jobs, traffic can still flow in and out of your property. As we deal with everything from groundworks to gate design, we can ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum on site.


How much will the work cost?
Cost of the installation will be specific to each job. However, for examples of gates and their costings, please refer to our gallery. That will give you an idea of the broad range of prices.


How safe are automated gates?
All our installations conform to – and sometimes exceed – statutory regulations. Safety is paramount, especially where children are concerned. We show you how to use the installation and include safety guides in our handover documents.


What happens in a power cut?
Arrangements are made to every installation to enable manual operation of the gate if necessary. Instructions will be given on how to carry this out, should the power fail at any time on your property.

How are the gates maintained?
It is essential that all automatic gates are maintained regularly and their safety devices are checked. On every installation we offer a free service call within the first year. After that, we can set up a maintenance agreement to make more service calls as required.




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